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Last Updated 05/28/2021

Farm Supplies

Offering a full line of farm supplies

• Seed
• Feed
• Fencing
• Net Wrap and Baler Twine
• Fertilizers
• Spray Parts
• Vet Supplies
• Livestock equipment
• Lawn and Garden 
• Irrigation
• Pest and Rodent
• Cattleguards 

Farm Equipment

The number one piece of farm equipment you will find on ALL farms is the tractor.  The farm can simply not run without tractors and all the attachments that make them efficient and productive. 

Whether a commercial crop farmer is preparing land for planting or the rancher with large herds of cattle and other livestock, is picking up all the waste, both find the skid steer, tractor and all the attachments, the two most versatile pieces of farm equipment.

From seeders to harvesters, the options are unlimited. Their experienced sales and service team offers the best in delivery of farm equipment, parts, and service. Diesel engines and clutches and sometimes A/C units give farmers trouble on their tractors and other implements. Inquire about their Ag services for all farm equipment problems and solutions including tractors, balers, and cutters. 



Drgac Fleet & Ag Services

Agricultural Machinery

The basic technology of agricultural machinery still exists for tractors, planters and harvesters. The modern improvements made are mainly by adding A/C, computer monitoring systems, GPS locators, and other task-related aids. These things allow for the tractor and other agricultural machinery operators to ride more comfortably and be more precise and less wasteful with fuel, seed and fertilizer.

Vermeer farm equipment is built to their traditional high standards, so it delivers the reliable service you expect from one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipment. And each machine is backed by comprehensive service and support from Drgac Fleet & Ag.

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